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Explorer Package

Setting the foundation of your dream home

Welcome to the Explorer package - a path for those who dare to dream. As the first stage of our architectural journey, the Explorer package is your gateway to unique, innovative, and highly personalized design solutions. Ideal for individuals or families looking to embark on the exciting venture of custom home design, this package captures the spirit of discovery and innovation. We value your dreams and aspirations, seeking to translate them into a tangible design that speaks to your unique lifestyle and personality. The Explorer package is our starting point, setting the course for a design experience that explores potential, embraces creativity, and turns dreams into architectural reality. Welcome to a world where your vision is our blueprint.

  • What's included:

    • Free initial consultation to understand the project

    • Two client meetings for in-depth discussion about your project

    • Site survey and analysis to identify potential and constraints

    • Two conceptual design sketches

    • Two round of revisions on the selected conceptual sketch

    • Preliminary floor plans, elevations, and sections (1 option)

    • Two basic exterior 3D renderings for better visualization and understanding of the proposed design

  • Pricing:

    • The Explorer package is priced at $15-$25/sf 

    • Final price depends on project location, complexity and other variables. 

    • Extra revisions beyond the included are charged at $500 per revision.

    • Contact for personalized quote

$15-$25/sq ft

Get a personalized quote 

Need to expand the scope of your project?

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Dive Deeper

The Adventurer package is perfect for clients who are committed to their design and are ready to proceed to the detailed drawing phase. This service includes detailed design development and drawings necessary for permitting.


Complete Design

The Trailblazer package is for those who want the full home design experience. In addition to our core services, this package also offers interior design and assistance with finding the right builder for your project.


All Inclusive

For the fearless! If you’re venturing into the realm of custom home building and require a comprehensive suite of services from start to finish, the Pioneer package is for you.

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