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About ArchitectGili Keselman

Undrafted Design is a minimalist design+build studio rooted in the breathtaking landscapes of Golden, BC. Established in 2019 by Israeli Architect Gili Keselman, we aim to provide a comprehensive range of architectural services, from custom homes and renovations to interior design and commercial projects.

Why "Undrafted Design"?

The name 'Undrafted Design' encapsulates our philosophy: a tribute to the unexpected, the non-linear, and the 'undrafted' paths that unfold into extraordinary outcomes. Our foundation was laid through overcoming challenges, marked notably by our founder's journey from early academic rejection to receiving a prestigious national award for his master's thesis - interestingly from the same judge who initially underestimated his potential. This story embodies the ethos of our studio: a commitment to embracing and converting challenges into opportunities for architectural excellence and innovative solutions.

Our Design-Build approach

We believe architectural excellence emerges from the seamless collaboration between innovative design and meticulous construction. Our Design-Build approach embodies this philosophy, ensuring a fluid transition from concept to completion through seamless integration between imagination and implementation. By fostering a collaborative workflow and continuous dialogue with trusted general contractors, architects, and engineers from the start, we guarantee a smooth process throughout all project phases.

How does this integration benefit the project?

Our approach balances creativity with practicality, ensuring that each design is continuously shaped by tangible construction knowledge. This synergy allows our designs to achieve high levels of creativity while adhering to the principles of buildability and respecting the client's budget. Our commitment to high-quality design, in turn, elevates our craftsmanship standards. The result is a project that not only fulfills our clients’ visions but also exemplifies what can be achieved when creative innovation meets perfect execution.

How does this integration benefit our clients?

Our collaborative method streamlines every phase of the architectural journey, creating a cohesive, efficient, and harmonious process that resonates with the inspiring landscapes around us. Clients enjoy the benefit of our meticulous oversight, with every detail — from initial sketches and design drawings to the final touches of construction — handled with precision and passion. We cover all aspects, including engineering details, permit acquisitions, code reviews, and material scheduling, while also conducting thorough site visits and overseeing construction. Collaborating closely with our skilled builder partners and tradespeople ensures that every aspect of your project is realized exactly as envisioned.


About ArchitectGili Keselman
Architect Gili Keselman, founder of Keselman Architects, Golden BC

Gili Keselman, Founder

Gili Keselman, graduate of the Technion’s Faculty of Architecture & Town Planning, refined his skills under some of Israel's top architects, focusing on creating spaces that encourage community interaction and social well-being. He believes that good architecture encourages community participation and helps people feel more connected. His master's thesis, "From Object to Field," received the Leibnitz Award for its innovative idea of turning the Israeli parliament from a distant symbol of power into an engaging, open space for public interaction and democratic conversation.


In 2018, Gili embarked on a new chapter, moving from the dynamic Israeli architectural scene to the serene and inspiring landscapes of British Columbia. Driven by his love for mountain adventure and the allure of Canadian winters, he shifted from the fast-paced, high-pressure environment of Israel's top firms to a more thoughtful, personalized approach to design, nestled among the inspiring peaks of the Rockies. In this new setting, Gili focuses on building a direct, personal connection with his clients and weaving the peaceful beauty of the natural environment into his architectural designs. He aims to create calm, minimalistic spaces that promote well-being and foster connections.

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