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Homestead Package

Tailored Renovations for Personalized Spaces

Dive into the transformative journey of renovation with our Homestead Essentials package. Engineered for those aiming to reshape their existing home, this service meticulously refines your interior layout and infuses it with elements that echo your individual style and everyday needs.

Beyond a mere aesthetic upgrade, our focus lies in implementing thoughtful renovations that enhance your living experience. Witness your home transform, as we detail your design plan, propose optimized layouts, and create captivating 3D renderings that preview your revamped space.

  • What's included:

    • In-Depth Consultation: An initial consultation and three additional meetings to fully understand your vision, aesthetic preferences, functional needs, and budgetary constraints for your home.

    • Site Assessment: A detailed site survey and meticulous residential space planning, taking into consideration the unique architectural characteristics of your home and how they can be enhanced through design.

    • Conceptual Design: Creation of two unique design concepts that balance aesthetics, functionality, and your personal preferences.

    • Material & Color Guidance: Expert assistance in selecting materials and color palettes that complement your home's architecture and enhance its overall appeal.

    • Furnishing & Fixture Assistance: Guidance in selecting furniture, fixtures, and equipment that not only fit the style of your home but also your lifestyle.

    • Detailed Design Plans: Comprehensive interior design plans for each room, which include furniture layouts, lighting plans, finishes, and detailed specifications.

    • 3D Visualization: Realistic 3D renderings of all major interior spaces for a comprehensive visual understanding of the final look and feel.

    • Flexible Revisions: Two rounds of design revisions for each room to ensure the final design is perfectly attuned to your needs and tastes.

    • Construction Oversight: Periodic on-site visits during construction to oversee the faithful execution of our design.

    • Post-Renovation Follow-up: A thorough follow-up after the renovation is completed to ensure your satisfaction with every detail of our work.

  • Pricing:

    • The Homestead package is priced between $15-$35/sf depending on your individual needs.

    • Final price depends on project location, complexity, level of service and other variables. 

    • Additional client meetings, revisions, or procurement services can be added for an additional fee. Your unique requirements and project scope will determine the final package price.

    • Contact for personalized quote

$15-$35/sq ft

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