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Frontier Package

Tailored Renovations for Personalized Spaces

Welcome to the Frontier package, the ultimate solution for businesses looking to revamp their interiors and make a significant impact. This comprehensive offering is tailored to suit commercial spaces, marrying functionality and aesthetics to create memorable customer experiences. Whether you are a start-up, a restaurant owner, a retailer, or a corporate firm, our unique design process ensures your brand identity shines through every corner of your space. We emphasize creating an environment that not only reflects your business values but also fosters productivity and customer satisfaction. With a keen understanding of commercial needs and restrictions, we craft spaces that elevate your business to new horizons.

  • What's included:

    • In-Depth Consultation: An initial consultation and three additional meetings to comprehend your business needs, branding aspirations, and operational requirements.

    • Site Assessment: A thorough site survey and strategic commercial space planning to optimize customer flow, enhance employee productivity, and ensure seamless operations.

    • Conceptual Design: Creation of two unique design concepts that align with your brand image, business goals, and the specific functional needs of a commercial space.

    • Material & Color Guidance: Expert guidance in choosing materials and color palettes that contribute to a consistent and appealing brand aesthetic.

    • Furnishing & Fixture Assistance: Assistance in selecting furniture, fixtures, and equipment that cater to the specific requirements of a commercial space, taking into account durability, maintenance, and safety.

    • Detailed Design Plan: Comprehensive interior design plans that take into account all the requirements of a commercial space, including customer areas, employee spaces, and operational needs.

    • 3D Visualization: Detailed 3D renderings of all major interior spaces, helping you visualize how the space will look once the transformation is complete.

    • Flexible Revisions: Two rounds of design revisions for each space, ensuring the design effectively caters to all your commercial needs.

    • Construction Oversight: Regular on-site visits during construction to ensure design is being implemented correctly and to address any construction-related issues promptly.

    • Post-Transformation Follow-up: An extensive follow-up after the transformation to ensure your commercial space aligns with your vision and supports your business objectives effectively.

  • Pricing:

    • The Frontier package is priced between $20-$35/sf depending on your individual needs.

    • Final price depends on project location, complexity, level of service and other variables. 

    • Additional client meetings, revisions, or procurement services can be added for an additional fee. Your unique requirements and project scope will determine the final package price.

    • Contact for personalized quote

$20-$35/sq ft

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