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Undrafted Design is a minimalist design studio rooted in the breathtaking landscapes of Golden, BC. Established in 2019 by Israeli Architect Gili Keselman, we aim to provide a comprehensive range of architectural services, from custom homes and renovations to interior design and commercial projects.

The Path Less Drafted

The name 'Undrafted Design' encapsulates our philosophy: a tribute to the unexpected, the non-linear, and the 'undrafted' paths that unfold into extraordinary outcomes. Our foundation was laid through overcoming challenges, marked notably by our founder's journey from early academic rejection to receiving a prestigious national award for his master's thesis - interestingly from the same judge who initially underestimated his potential. This story embodies the ethos of our studio: a commitment to embracing and converting challenges into opportunities for architectural excellence and innovative solutions.

Personalized Design Experience

In 2018, Gili Keselman transitioned from Israel’s bustling architectural landscape to the tranquil and awe-inspiring settings of British Columbia, motivated by a passion for mountain adventures and the charm of Canadian winters. This shift from a high-pressure, fast-pace environment at some of Israel’s premier architectural firms to the serene Canadian backdrop, marked the start of a new era focused on cultivating a closer connection to clients and to the natural world. Embracing a more deliberate, personalized and unhurried design process, Gili prides in creating intimate, client-centered collaborative design experiences.

Gili Keselman, Founder

Architect Gili Keselman, founder of Keselman Architects, Golden BC

Gili Keselman, Founder

Gili Keselman, educated at Technion’s Faculty of Architecture & Town Planning, advanced his skills with Israel's architectural leaders, cultivating a focus on building spaces that enhance community interaction and social responsibility. His design philosophy is underpinned by the belief that architecture should facilitate community engagement and empowerment.


His master's thesis, "From Object to Field," awarded the prestigious Leibnitz Award, reimagines architecture as a tool for democratic engagement, notably through his redesign of the Israeli parliament, transforming it from a symbol of authority into a lively, accessible space that encourages public participation and democratic dialogue.


Since relocating to British Columbia in 2018 following his passion for adventures in the mountains and the majestic Canadian winters, Keselman integrates the tranquil beauty of nature with architectural design, emphasizing serene, minimalist environments that enhance interaction and well-being.

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